Decking boards

The terrace: a must for landscaping! In Pine, Exotic, Ash, Composite, we import these species from all over the world for your projects.

Exotic decking boards

Exotic decks meet specific needs either for aesthetics or resistance to harsh environments.


Softwood decking boards

Softwood decks are a very good choice for your outdoor landscaping. Particularly resistant and non-slip decking boards.


Composite decking boards

Composite decks are the choice for ease of maintenance and timelessness.


Sustainable essence decking boards

For an ecological and aesthetic terrace, opt for terrace boards with sustainable essence !


Decking boards, essences from France

Decking boards with essences of French origin. Acacia/Robinier, Oak or Chestnut. Make way for 100% French decking boards!


IPE copings

IPE copings represent the finishing element that enhances your pool. New or renovated, the best choices of curbstones can redesign your exteriors and give them a touch of modernity and comfort.