Sustainable essence decking boards

For an ecological and aesthetic terrace, opt for terrace boards with sustainable essence!

Thermo-heated Ash decking boards


To screw

2 combs

20x140 mm
2,15 m à 5,00 m

Lisse / Bomb 

20x120 mm
2,15 m à 5,00 m

4 smooth sides

20x140 mm
2,15 m à 5,00 m
Realization of a terrace with Ash Thermo slats

Moso Bamboo X-Trême decking boards

20x137 mm
1,85 m
20x173 mm
1,85 m
Realization of a terrace with Moso Bamboo X-Treme slats

Kebony® decking boards

Kebony Clear wood is produced from radiata pine which has been treated with a liquid additive derived from vegetable components.

The patented process Kebony durably modifies the cells of the wood, creating a unique wood with exceptional durability and longevity,
and requiring no maintenance beyond normal cleaning.

Kebony Clear Radiata products have a smooth, knot-free surface.
They are processed uniformly in their entirety.

To screw

4 smooth sides

22x142 mm
Construction of a Kebony® slat terrace

Accoya® decking boards

(To screw or to clip)

Colours : Accoya white / gray

Profiles : 2 smooth faces

Fixation :
- with full screw
- by hard wood clips
- by grad clip

Section :

21x145 mm
21x190 mm