Accoya wood

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white Accoya

(A1 quality)

Usually 4-sided clear with small tolerances for sound defects.
Structurally rated at C22

Sections :

25x100 mm
25x125 mm
25x150 mm
25x200 mm
32x150 mm
32x200 mm
38x150 mm
38x200 mm
50x100 mm
50x125 mm
50x150 mm
50x200 mm
63x100 mm
63x125 mm
63x150 mm
63x200 mm
75x100 mm
75x125 mm
75x150 mm
75x200 mm

Grey Accoya

tainted in the mass

(A1 quality)

Accoya Color Gray is mass-dyed Accoya wood in grey.

Through-dyed means that the wood is fully colored from the surface to the core.

This has the advantage that a gray Accoya wooden deck can be processed (sawn, planed, etc.)

With our 25-year warranty, you can be confident in the durability of your Accoya Color Gray decking.

* 50 years warranty is given if the decking is installed at least 200mm above the top edge of the floor with good ventilation and water drainage (according to common practice).


Sections :

25x150 mm
25x200 mm