L'Arbre Blanc, the Henry Timber touch!

A look back at a beautiful Henry Timber project, the Arbre Blanc in Montpellier, designed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, inaugurated in 2019.

The building is bold in its structure: a 17-storey, 56-metre hybrid of concrete and steel.

L'arbre blanc à Montpellier avec les Bois de Henry Timber

Construction of beach huts

These huts are low-roofed wooden constructions by the sea. They bring a summery and warm dimension in the places where they are installed.

View our range of exotic woods to build trader huts and adjoining decking.

Construction of boardwalks

Wooden boardwalks harmoniously connect built up areas to the sea. They decorate the promenades of sea resorts in full beauty, exhibiting the natural charm of wood.

We provide a wide choice of high-quality wood species, treated or naturally resistant, European or exotic, for the sustainable development of outdoor spaces.

Roof cladding

Cladding or shingle roofs are used on many mountain chalets and buildings. Their high mechanical strength and remarkable longevity are matched by the aesthetic finish they offer.

Discover our cladding and structural timber available in several species and weather-resistant, offering naturally robust and sustainable roofs.

Red Cedar construction

Balconies, exterior cladding and other red cedar products are used to build roofs on chalets, houses, and other mountain range buildings, and even in the city. Naturally rot-proof, red cedar is a robust and elegant wood.

Take a look at the full range of red cedar products that we offer for all your woodworking projects: interior/exterior joinery, cladding, and home improvements.