Accoya cladding

Accoya siding is the ultimate choice for exterior construction projects. With its exceptional durability and resistance to the elements, it offers a solution that is both ecological and aesthetic.

Why choose Accoya in Cladding?

Ideal for creating a low-carbon facing:

Thanks to its increased durability (50-year guarantee) and very high stability (the most stable wood in the world), it meets the requirements of RE2020 and the climate challenges of tomorrow.

Unparalleled creative potential:

With its high performance, quality finishes and high durability, Accoya offers architects and fabricators greater design freedom for wooden facades. Its exceptional stability even allows the realization of black coatings in large widths in the hottest regions of France.

50 year warranty

Facing in Gray Accoya dyed in the mass

(without finishing)

The Accoya color Gray, a coloring to the heart of the wood, with a natural and non-toxic pepper giving it a natural appearance with variations in color between the boards.

Burnt Accoya cladding

Accoya® is the timber benchmark for performance, finishes and durability, giving architects and fabricators new design freedom for timber facades. Stability means black coatings are possible in large widths, even in the hottest regions of France.


Sections and profiles

21x135 and 21x185 : Mini barley grain or elegy facing


21x185 and 27x125 : False clear path


40x40 and 40x70 : Clear path