Henry Timber

Henry Timber, family business since 1895

We stock wood from all over the world. As experts in importing and trading wood, we supply our products to a client base of wholesalers and distributors throughout France.

Parc camion Henry Timber Livraison et logistique
Henry Timber shipping and logistic

Our history

Henry Timber has been a family business since 1895. We are one of Europe's leading timber trading companies, importing wood from South-East Asia, Africa, North and South America, Russia and Europe.

In all, we stock around a hundred different species. From roughsawn timber, construction timber, planed-all-round products, to decorative wood for interior and exterior fittings.

Henry Timber started importing wood in 1975 under the leadership of Luc Henry. In 2004, the range was extended to integrate the distribution of construction wood products, joinery scantlings, interior and exterior cladding, to meet customer needs.

2006 saw the creation of the Wood Platform for specialists and generalist customers of the SAMSE Group, to benefit from the diversity of products, stocks and wood skills of the company.

Patrick Faure - Chairman

In August 2020, we acquired a new 2,500 m² covered building. This building is intended for the storage of construction timber and in particular glue laminated (glulam) and cross-laminated timber, as well as KVH, with an overall capacity of 2,900 m³.

Last year we consumed no less than 18,000 m³ in these product categories. In order to ensure a quality service, we have also invested in vacuum destacking system. This will improve productivity, ensure irreproachable service and above all, offer handling in full safety.

Patrick Faure, Henry Timber Chairman
Patrick Faure, Henry Timber Chairman

Meet our family business

Our Business Lines

Import wood all over the world

Store Wood

Convert or Sell as is

Deliver to your customers

Products and Stocks

We have more than a hundred species available as roughsawn timber, construction timber, planed-all-round products, joinery products, decking wood, etc.

We work with a panel of 300 suppliers around the world to enable this very diverse and complete range. We negotiate directly with suppliers to ensure rigorous selection and enhanced traceability.

We also develop partnerships with European manufacturers for manufactured products. We operate 80,000 m² of storage space and use 3,250 semi-trailers every year to deliver to our customers.

140,000 m3 of wood sold last year

2 sites de stockage en Isère

2 places for storage in France, Isère (Saint-Hilaire-du-Rozier et Vinay) + Port Areas (Fécamp, Caen, La Rochelle)

40 000m3 de stock de bois

40 000 m3 of wood storage

10 000 références de bois en stock

10 000 references

80 000m2 de stockage de bois dont 40 000m2 couverts

80 000m2 storage capacity
40 000m2 covered buidling

Wood from around the world

  • Northern hemisphere woods
  • Sleepers
  • Square-edge Larch
  • Square-edge timber from Asia, Africa and South America
  • Cladding in various profiles
  • Decking boards
  • Parquet floors
  • Joinery scantlings
  • Unfinished and decorative panelling
  • Glue laminated and cross-laminated beams
  • Fascia and skirting boards
  • Truck floors

Wood logistic

We deliver anywhere in France. We distribute 140,000 m3 of wood throughout France and Switzerland. We make some deliveries with our own fleet of trailers and drivers.

Sales Force

Our sales representatives are active in all regions. They are in permanent contact with a head office team who produce detailed reports and estimates. This organisation ensures we are responsive and can meet the needs of our customers appropriately.