Structural timber

Wood used in construction is the spearhead of renewable and bio-sourced materials. Timber can be used in all civil engineering and exterior design projects.

Roughsawn structural timber

Large selection of roughsawn timber in stock for your new construction or renovation projects.
The origin of our roughsawn timber and our logistics capabilities make the difference in the quality of the wood and the care taken in storage and transportation.
All the elements that make up a modern or traditional building framework are available. Our shaping and transport services will allow you to approach your work projects with peace of mind.

Bois de Charpente brut
Bois de Charpente raboté
Planed Structural Timber

Planed structural timber

View all our planed timber in stock, imported from all over the world.

For impeccable and long-lasting results of your structural and framework projects, the choice of wood species, the logistics process and the origin of the wood are essential.

Browse all timber elements such as beams, cladding boards, joists, rafters, battens, etc.