Roughsawn structural timber

Wide choice of structural timber from certified forests, stocked by species, cross-section and length. All our roughsawn timbers receive Class 2 treatments for better durability.

Roughsawn battens

Used in structural design. The choice of your battens is crucial to the quality and durability of your framework.

Certified origins and logistics will also be important allies in your wood construction projects.

20x38 mm
27x27 mm
27x38 mm
40x40 mm

The battens

The battens are used to solidify and strengthen the roof covering.

18x200 mm


Planks of raw wood are very frequently used on construction sites by carpenters. The quality of the wood, the level of drying and the origin often make the difference.

The rough wood planks are one of the framing contingencies that should not be overlooked.

The care taken in logistics and storage guarantees you a high quality product at the best price.

27x200 mm

Rough joists

Rough joists for your timber constructions

38x60 mm
50x60 mm


Henry Timber stocks an ideal range of class 2 treated spruce for your structural rafters.

63x75 mm

Raw Bastaings

Class 2 fir and spruce frame

63x175 mm

To check standards, wood use classes and classifications, please visit our page Wood and Environment.