Accoya Joinery Lumber

Accoya wood offers unprecedented design freedom. Its stability exceptional size, combined with its durability and resistance, allows architects and designers to explore shapes and designs creative without compromising performance or longevity.

Windows and doors

Thanks to their stability, Accoya windows and doors open effortlessly all year round and for decades to come.

Long-lasting coatings allow windows and doors to stay intact longer, and natural insulation keeps homes comfortable and energy costs low.

Low maintenance costs throughout its lifetime make Accoya a solid long-term investment without harming the environment.


Endless Possibilities

There really is no limit when approaching Accoya's design potential from park benches to guitars, outdoor sculptures to velodromes, the possibilities are endless.


Accoya wood can be easily worked and shaped to the needs of each project, while providing a flawless finish that stands up to the elements and weather.

Plus, with its environmental certification, Accoya wood is a responsible choice for those looking to create sustainable, eco-friendly designs.