Interior decoration

To round off your interior decoration, try panelling: available in different finishes and widths... A wooden aspect for a cosy interior!


Natural or finished panelling, many decorative solutions are in stock at Henry Timber. Create a unique interior for each project.

Wood panels

These panels create a "natural" environment and display the wood in all its splendour.

Old wood, heat-treated, and steam-treated finishes are just some finishing options for successful interior decoration projects.

Solid wood floors

What could be warmer than a solid wood floor in your home!
Authentic and natural !

Skirting boards

We never talk much about skirting boards and yet, they ensure a good finish to your parquet floor.

Depending on the type of wood, the look and the dimensions, skirting boards can create a very personal and stylish interior design.

Old Wood

Old wood brings a rustic and historical aspect to your interior design project.